Paid time off

MSTI has established a paid time off (PTO) policy to allow time off for vacation time and sick leave, and benefits the employee by promoting a flexible approach to time off. PTO accrued is based upon paid hours up to 2080 hours per year that does not include overtime.  Employees who work less than 20 hours per week on a regular basis, who are on-call, and hired for temporary employment are not eligible to accrue PTO.



All 10 Federal holidays are observed at the specified time.



(Full-time only) immediate family members only. The company will allow three (3) days of paid leave


Jury Duty

as required. Verification of notification is required prior to service.


Military Leave

Two weeks per year and as necessary during any conflicts.


health and medical Dental

All full-time and qualified part-time employees. Premium is a shared cost between the company and the employee at a rate established by management. Included in the medical coverage is a prescription cost reduction card. Plans are subject to annual review for costs and services provided.


Medical HMO(In-Network)

Employees selecting this option can only use physicians in the HMO network. Must obtain referrals from their primary care physician to see other specialists.


Preferred Provider Option (Out of network Option)

Employees selecting this option will be subject to a higher cost in order to use any physicians in the PPO network without a referral.


Dental PPO (In/Out Of Network Option)

Employees selecting this option may use any dentist in the PPO network.


Short-term Disability

Pays up to 60% of earnings to a maximum of $750.00 per week. Coverage begins on the 8th day of declared illness as prescribed by a physician and ending after a period of 90 days.


Long-term Disability

Pays up to 60% of basic monthly earnings up to a maximum of $5,000.00 per month beginning on the 91st day of continuous illness terminating at the age of 65.


Group Term Life Insurance/Accidental Death & Dismemberment 

Coverage is equivalent to one times the individual employee earnings/salary to a maximum of $50,000.00. Amounts reduce to 65% of original amounts at age 70, and 50% of original amounts at age 75.


AFLAC Supplemental Insurance

Extensive array of services and plans available with premiums paid by the requesting employee.


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Spending accounts selected by employee for tax reducing benefits for individual needs (i.e., child care and medical care costs). Any reimbursements due will be mailed directly to the employee's residence.**

Section 125 (Pre-tax deductions) Allows tax reducing benefits of the premium expense by applying a pre-tax arrangement to reduce the overall tax liability.**

** Administered by an outside licensed resource.



Participation by employees is structured to begin after one year of employment. Eligibile personnel will be enrolled, effective the first day of the quarter following one year of employment. MSTI contributes a matching percentage to the employee's plan, as determined by management, based on the employee's active employment and contributions to the plan.


Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Participation by employees is structured to begin after one year of employment. Eligible personnel will be enrolled, effective the first day of the quarter following one year of employment.


WMATA Smart benefit/Metro check

If you use public transportation for your personal commute to and from home and work, you may elect to purchase up to $130.00 per month for transit and vanpools and $230.00 per month for parking.


Employee Assistance Program

This is a designed program to help employees with life's challenges that may affect their work performance. It is an active assistance and referral service that is available to employees and their families 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



MSTI employees are eligible to join the Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PFCU). The PFCU offers great rates on Money Market Savings Accounts, IRA Certificates, New Autos, Used Autos, Credit Cards, Checking Accounts and Home Equity Lines of Credit.