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James F. Jordan 

Vice President

HR Administration & Security

James F. Jordan is the Vice President for Human Resources and Security for Management Support Technology, Inc. (MSTI). Mr. Jordan joined MSTI in April of 1996 as a Project Officer for the $1.9M Defense Logistics Agency/Defense Contract Audit Agency Audio-Visual Video Systems Installation Project. Retiring as an Army officer in 1994 in the grade of Colonel with over 27 years of active duty service, Mr. Jordan served in a variety of tactical and strategic military communications organizations during his military career. As a communications officer, he managed telecommunications systems, information systems, tactical and strategic communications operations and maintenance in various positions within the Army and the Department of Defense. He served tours in Vietnam, Europe, and Korea as well as in various military organizations within the continental United States and Hawaii.


Mr. Jordan serves in other capacities within MSTI in addition to performing Human Resources functions and managing Personnel and Facility Security operations. He also serves as MSTI's ISO 9001:2015 Management Representative and Administrative Officer. As the ISO Management Representative, he is responsible for maintaining MSTI's Quality Management System (QMS) and certification under the ISO 9001:2015 International Standard and the Service Management System (SMS) under the ISO 20000-1:2011 International Standard. As the Administrative Officer, he is responsible for daily administrative and logistics functions conducted within the HQ. Mr. Jordan is a 1967 graduate of Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia and received a Master's Degree in Human Services from Boston University, Boston Massachusetts in 1979.

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