Spread Risk. Enable Repeat Engagements. Build a Stand-Out Team. Your Best-in-Class Vehicle Partner.

As a Prime, MSTI holds several best-in-class contract vehicles that are focused on Information Technology and Professional Services.

Federal contracting is ever-changing, increasingly competitive, and highly complex. Prime contractors must build strong differentiated teams that can help qualify for and win bids -- but it does not end here. Circumstances in the government are dynamic and ever-changing (e.g., vehicles reach a ceiling, vehicles end, acquisition strategies morph, or businesses size out of their vehicles). The nature of government contracting requires your team to stay on top of these developments to ensure continued wins and expansions. Consider proactively teaming with MSTI now to assure your next win.

Growing that dream team means choosing contracting partners – no matter the size — that know the landscape and bring a lot to the table.

MSTI is a solid choice for your contract bidding partner needs in the areas of mission support, PMO support, web services and collaboration, knowledge management, data stewardship, asset management, quality assurance & control, and training.

We are a winning partner for these reasons:

· You get best-in-class planning, management, and execution services.

· You benefit from our federal contracting experience and relationships.

· You gain a serious partner that values long term relationships.

· You get a partner that holds several desirable socio-economic credentials and flexible contracting vehicles


MSTI brings a rare level of operations and management experience to its partners. As a provider of fit-for-purpose solutions – the right solution for each situation — MSTI keeps abreast of existing and emerging technologies. We partner with industry-leading OEMs and integrators to deploy and support. We assure quality through Six Sigma, PMBOK methodologies (e.g. Agile), and ITIL processes. A recent hallmark of excellence includes deploying connectivity and collaboration solutions in remote and rugged locations that had failed previous efforts. This project included infrastructure, software development, security, control, project management, training, business process engineering, and maintenance/support.

Federal Contracting Experience

MSTI has the experience to help prime contractors qualify for and win bids, as well as significant experience as the Prime. The company meets the Small Business Administration (SBA) contracting definition of a small business. We are a Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), and we are minority-owned. MSTI can assist in meeting meet past performance requirements in many areas.

Best-in-Class Government Contracting Vehicles

  • OASIS SB Pool 1

  • VETS 2

A Valuable, Long Term Partnership

MSTI is actively building long term, trusted relationships with our partners to minimize risk, protect margins, and, most of all, to add value for the customer. These solid contracting partnerships are proven to support long term profitability by motivating repeat customer engagements and enabling all partners to successfully bid more opportunities. We are committed to collaboration, quality, performance, dependability, and innovation. Our team builds trust through proactive communication, accessibility, and transparency. If you value and share this approach...

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